Bianca Sweater Hilltop

100 $

The Bianca sweater is perfect and this, whether you wear it as sports underwear or with jeans after skiing. Can also be worn as ski undergarment with the Selina pants. Hiking is another option as a shell with a sleeveless vest over it. Tighten up the hood and you are ready to face mother nature!



You want to be the “cutest” after skiing or even if you have not skied at all: Bianca is perfect whether you wear it as underwear or with jeans. Its KSL signature pocket at the back is practical and accessible to store your cell, keys or credit cards. You can also wear it with the Selina pants as underwear for downhill skiing (the length of the Selina is perfect since it fits right over the ski boots). Wear it as a shell with a sleeveless vest for a walk in the mountain. Tightly adjust the hood to face mother nature. Wear it also with Johanne pants to rest and relax since, it’s also “cool” to chill once in a while!


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Black, Navy blue



Wash gently in cold water and hang to dry


100% made in Canada