Penelope One-Piece

180 $

It will make you have a good time on the beach, with your feet in the water, when you wear it with your leg up and the collar folded over the bust. Its bamboo fabric will comfort you … even at night! Black is classic, while the color Gazelle is different, but when it is dirty, it does not appear!



You wish to run away, no bags and never come back? Penelope is the answer, that’s all you need. It will keep you warm with its long sleeves and its hood. You could even have a gentleman offer you a drink just by showing a shoulder. It can make you enjoy a walk on the beach, rolling up your leg pants and lowering the neck part over the chest. Its comfy fabric will even comfort you during the night! The black one is a classic whereas the Gazelle color is different, it doesn’t even show when it’s dirty.



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Black, Gazelle Black, Gazelle Blue



Wash gently in cold water and hang to dry


100% made in Canada