Isabelle Dress

120 $

Classic dress with a V cleavage, longer for the more conservatives. You can also wear it shorter with the help of the KSL jewel on the side, made of a very comfortable material.




A classic to last….just like my many friends Isabelle, old and loyal friends that I love and I know, whatever happens, will be there for me and me for them. Isabelle Thibault, Isabelle Gamache, Isabelle Bois, Isabelle Landry and all the other Isabelles that I have met recently, that are as important in my heart as the others. You always tell me you are classics. So, just for you, a dress in your honor. Straight cut, V shaped cleavage to show just enough. You can even turn it around if you are not at ease to show a bit….wear the V shape in the back. Bring it up with the KSL jewels. Its comfortable and thick material are practical for the Isabelles who are sensitive to the cold. You will love to wear it with the Angelina legging as well as with our new legging coming out soon!




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Black, Sand



Wash gently in cold water and hang to dry


100% made in Canada