Johanne Pants

90 $

Johanne pants are known to be the most comfortable pants in the world, nothing less! In fact, it is the perfect garment on the plane, for cocooning purposes, road trips, days offs…or what not. Modal is the softest of materials. The pocket on its thigh is practical to store anything your little heart desires, including the pants themselves… and becomes a perfect pillow on the plane or other transportation means.



The most comfortable pants in the world! Perfect Plan to travel, for cocooning, for a road trip, to rest … you will have difficulty not to put them on the day after, wearing them for two or three days in a row. And don’t worry, you’re not the first to do it! Made of rayon, it is simply ultimate softness. Its pocket on the thigh is convenient to store everything you need, including the pants themselves. Speaking of travel, know that it is absolutely forbidden to leave it at home when you leave! Especially as the soft little modal ball it becomes when rolled in its own pocket on the thigh, proves to be the perfect pillow for the plane.





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100% made in Canada





Wash gently in cold water and hang to dry