KSL, wings to fly you away to your dreams, intelligent clothing for the intelligent women that you are, offering the comfort and freedom you deserve, made of performing materials to never stop moving and believing in yourself.

This is also the way this exceptional woman found, to allow the women of the world to find the courage to identify their dreams along with the necessary drive to achieve them. How? In creating innovative, transformable sportswear using soft, breathable materials, standing out by their unique and trendy style.

Wearing KSL is travelling wisely, adopting an active and healthy life….it’s all about feeling good….along with receiving great comments from everyone!


The KSL pendant, the soul of every garment we design.

KSL jewl is a silver triangular pendant represents 3 sets of wings.

This small, silver triangular pendant represents 3 sets of wings. Wings that will remind you of the dreams in your life, to thrive every day and make sure you do all that is needed in order to achieve your dreams, whatever they are.

Spread your wings: KSL mission!
Moreover, besides being a symbol of strength and inspiration, it is an important and practical item representing KSL DNA. On many garments, you can find, here and there, subtle, small elastic loops. Simply slip in the KSL pendant to transform, on the spot, your formal dress into a sports top or your shawl into a skirt….

Watch the KSL channel to discover what KSL is all about!


Katy St-Laurent, designer, is a passionate, inexhaustible business woman. Full time Mom, entrepreneur and former road cycling athlete, she is fully committed to her business and life mission: Spread your wings!