KSL on Internet: The blog Mamans poules et imparfaites

Déploie tes ailes avec KSL - Mamans poules et imparfaites

The Hams and Imperfect Mums blog spoke with Kat St-Laurent, President and Founder of KSL, and most importantly, a mother entrepreneur who flourished in the role.

The blogger Eloise Vann Doorn says:

“During my first maternity leave, I listened a lot Canal Vie including the show” With Style “. That’s when I discovered Katy St-Laurent who offered a dress as a sportswear to a participant of the show. I was in love. I saw him again on the program “In the Eye of the Dragon” and then I interviewed him myself. As soon as she entered the cafe, she had given me her energy and since then I have been trying to spread my wings … ”

Beautiful presentation of the entereneure, available in French only, to read here: https://lamamanpoule.com/deploie-tes-ailes-avec-ksl/